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midiphy is a eurozone-based online shop for a new generation of hardware designs and is an official supplier of MIDIbox hardware platform modules. In the shop, you will find PCBs, essential kits and parts for your builds. On this page, we'll inform you about recent news and developments.

Custom DIY allows you to build your studio equipment exactly the way you dream it to be. If you choose high-quality components, your build might even be better than most market products optimized for lowest possible construction costs.

We strive to document all projects thoroughly. Immediate-to-advanced DIYers should experience no problems during the build process.

SEQ v4+, LoopA, MatriX 
Autumn 2023 stock refill :)
1.10.2023: midiphy SEQ v4+, LoopA and MatriX are back in stock

We're proud to announce, that our midiphy SEQ v4+, LoopA and MatriX kits are available for purchase again!

Buy SEQ v4+ LH Enhanced Essential Kit

Buy SEQ v4+ RH Enhanced Essential Kit

Buy LoopA Enhanced Metal Case Essential Kit

Buy midiphy LoopA Full Kit

Buy midiphy MatriX Essential Kit

Enjoy building!