MULTI MIDI THRU acrylic case (black transparent)
Manufacturer: midiphy
Product ID: C-UTL-01
Acrylic MULTI MIDI THRU with metal hardware and rubber case feet for stable table-top usage. This new version comes with two sidewalls for 3x or 4x TRS MIDI, supporting both new and old PCB revisions.
Weight: 75 grams
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24.99 €
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Assembly Photo Tutorial
Step 1
Remove the protective film from the acrylic elements.
Step 2
Insert 8mm M3 screws through the case feet, fasten on the inside of the case with 5mm hex standoffs. Important: observe orientation of the bottom plate as it will fit in only one direction :)
Step 3
Add PCB on top, click in front side panel, potentially bending/adjusting the power indicator LED so that it fits in the panel cutout.
Step 4
Fasten with 25mm hex spacers, click in the other side panels.
Step 5
Add case top, secure with the remaining M3 screws - done! :)