midiphy LoopA - Requantizing DIY MIDI Sequencer
Beautiful Loops

Big things come in small packages! The LoopA offers a unique method of music production with six polyphonic MIDI tracks and optional dynamic quantization. Arrange your song live by switching through six scenes (36 tracks in memory), and mute and unmute tracks with perfect synchronization during your performance.

The hardware boasts high-quality Matias mechanical keyswitches and Signature Plastics keycaps plus a crisp graphical OLED display. The unit boots in a few seconds with the last session recalled instantly.

Available as an essential kit now!

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New Firmware v.206 with many improvements available now!

Now supporting 256, 512 and 1024 step-equivalent clip lengths (previous limit was 128) - you can now create clips with loop lengths of minutes :).

Improved display responsiveness/refresh rate, if the LoopA core is not under load

Improved initial BPM/timing stability, just after a sequence was started (thanks Michael!)

Added customizable footswitch functions: choose any two of eleven new footswitch actions!

The new "Cursor Erase" footswitch action overwrites clip notes under the time cursor, this allows for live re-recording of new notes while the sequencer is running.

The new "Jump To Precount" footswitch action allows jumping to a count-in point of a sequence, simplifying re-recording of a clip.

New option "Track Switch": when enabled, "long-pressing" a mute key directly switches to that track. (thanks Eugene!)

New Option "Tempo Up/Down": Configurable BPM delta speed (faster/slower buttons), perform linear BPM fades in five preconfigured speeds

New Option "Follow Track": automatic track following when muting/unmuting, can be set to "disabled"/"when unmuting"/"when muting or unmuting" (thanks Eugene!)

New Option "LED Notes": visualizes played notes via temporarily red illuminated track buttons in the MUTE screen - when the sequencer is running, this indicates which track is actively playing notes.

LoopA v2 User Manual (Version 2.06)
LoopA Firmware Version 2.06 (released on 2020/04/15)