midiphy LoopA - Requantizing DIY MIDI Sequencer
Beautiful Loops

Big things come in small packages! LoopA is very portable at only 21cm x 10.5cm x 4.5cm and can be powered by a USB powerbank. It offers a unique method of music production with six polyphonic MIDI tracks and optional dynamic quantization. Arrange your song live by switching through six scenes (36 tracks in memory), and mute and unmute tracks with perfect synchronization during your performance. Or: preprogram a full song to be automatically performed by LoopA using the new song mode feature added in 2023.

The hardware boasts high-quality Matias mechanical keyswitches and keycaps custom designed for optimal light transmission, plus a crisp graphical OLED display. The unit boots in a few seconds with the last session recalled instantly.

Available as an essential or full kit now!

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New Firmware v2.10:
This software release includes a long-awaited Song Mode for LoopA, with powerful track, clip and pattern arrangement features!
Other major additions include:
force-to-scale White Keys Mode

tap tempo function

Eurorack gate input support for sequencer control, such as tap tempo, pattern cueing, track switching and more

improved CC support, including CC remote control commands and filtering per port

custom user instruments increased to 64 (avoid cryptic port and channel names!)

triplet quantization support

LoopA v2 User Manual (Version 2.10c)
LoopA Firmware Version 2.10c (released on 2023/3/16)