Dreaming up one of the best midi sequencers on planet earth

Originally developed by TK. and refined between 2016-2022 by antilog devices, this newest hardware revision of the MIDIbox sequencer V4 adds several advantages:

designed for high-performance neutral-color dual OLED screens, instant update rates, no LCD ghosting

define the superflux LED color scheme of your dreams, i.e. cyan/red or red/green

high-quality, great-feeling multicolor LED backlit Matias switches: and high reliability and no more failing switches!

workflow bonus: an additional Matias switch "selection" row, allowing for direct track access using a single button

improved "selection mode wheel" allowing for one of multiple modes to use the new selection row

a compact form-factor case, specifically engineered by Hallik Engineering just for the v4+!

case integration with "all PCBs onboard", including 8 MIDI OUTs, 4 MIDI INs, and an integrated line driver (DB25) connector.

dual USB connectivity (also USB OTG), a quickly removable SD card, footswitch support

reliable power, utilizing a sturdy USB B socket (no more flimsy micro USB port)

is optionally 19" rack mount the unit or use in standard desktop mode

choose a left-hand or right-hand orientation

most important: optimized workflow, specifically designed by TK. :)

These features extend the already outstanding "basic" functionality of the V4:

The latest firmware and hardware configuration files can be downloaded from:

Now available as essential parts kits:

Buy SEQ v4+ LH Enhanced Essential Kit

Buy SEQ v4+ RH Enhanced Essential Kit

New: Your SEQ v4+ can now be easily expanded to drive a lot of eurorack gear with 8 CV/gate outputs, 8 trigger outputs and 8 clock outputs with the
midiphy eurorack expansion modules

SEQ v4+ Cheatsheet 1/2 (Overview) by clddstllr
SEQV4+ Cheat Sheet 1.pdf (66.31K)
SEQ v4+ Cheatsheet 2/2 (Function Keys) by clddstllr
SEQV4+ Cheat Sheet 2.pdf (94.80K)
Beginner's Guide

Watch the videos below to see a SEQ v4+ become reality. You can do it yourself!
SEQ v4+ - demo from TK.

Here, Thorsten demonstrates many functions of the v4+ user interface of his fully built SEQ v4+. It is serial number #002 :). Enjoy!
SEQ v4+ Tutorials from Revtor

Great SEQ v4+ tutorials created by SEQ v4+ user Revtor. Thanks a lot!
SEQ V4+ graphical sequencing with the midiphy MatriX extension
Prototype/development video from TK.

This is Thorsten's very first documented live session of the Seq V4+. This unit does not yet feature OLED screens, a case, or even Matias keycaps, but you can evaluate its functionality:
cheatsheets by clddstllr
(PDF downloads available at the top of this page)