5pcs cPixel RGB LEDs
Product ID: L-RGB-03
5pcs cPixel RGB LEDs, ideal for backlighting Matias switches. Vac-packed for freshness! Solder at 300°C max.
Weight: 10 grams
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Migrating from Superflux to cPixel
Some midiphy PCBs that use our signature LED backlighting are now designed to incorporate cPixel LEDs, including utility projects such as the new MULTI MIDI THRU PCB. These LEDs have improved light focus and there is no need to bend the legs like with superflux LEDs!

One SMT pin has its corner cut at an angle, which must be aligned with the corresponding marker on the PCB silkscreen. If you are uncertain, test the LED, for example using our
flux modulator PCB
. There is no need to leave the common cathode pin unsoldered as demonstrated in other documentation. We still recommend to check the function of LoopA and SEQ v4+ boards before soldering in Matias switches.

Solder at 300°C max!
Take suitable precautions when LEDs are running and avoid looking directly into bright light sources

Important: do not confuse midiphy cPixel LEDs with midiphy ePixel LEDs - they have a similar form factor but different electrical characteristics.