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LoopA User Manual now available!
As we are very close to the LoopA launch date, the new 20+ page LoopA user manual is now available for download.

An (incomplete) list of new launch features since the last video update:

named user instruments mapping to hardware MIDI ports/channels (e.g. you can now simply use "ANDROMED" instead of memorizing MIDI OUT1/CHN1)

a detailed setup page, allowing to configure global parameters

a new and optimized page switching UI, using a onehanded two-finger-gesture facilitating "haptic finger memory" for quick page switching

fully graphical menu/page icons

a dedicated shift button, allowing for direct mutes/unmutes from every menu screen (an often needed feature)

two powerful live performance modes (beatloop/transpose), switchable and directly mapped to a separate performance encoder

MIDI metronome support

live (re)quantized swing

note randomization/probabilities (visualized als "animated quantum note clouds" if the clip notes playback probability is less than 100% :))

note freezing option after transformations (allows e.g. to "move" notes around a clip first, freeze and then "scale" their playback speed)

integrated context-sensitive help system explaining every feature of every screen

... and a few others :)

Hope you enjoy! Please stay tuned, more coming soon!
LoopA v2 User Manual (Version 2.06)
midiphy_LoopA_manual_v206.pdf (1.21M)