Trusted Builder Program
Not into DIY?

Want to get your hands on a midiphy DIY project but feel like you are not up to putting it together?

First let us say that we take pride in optimizing designs for hand assembly and providing step-by-step video instruction to support you. Several customers with no prior experience have completed units. But we do understand that restrictions might prevent you from diving in.

We offer a possible solution, namely our Trusted Builder program.

Trusted builders

This page provides a contact link to people who will build midiphy products for you on a commission basis. These experts have demonstrated their skills and are active in the community or known personally to us, raising levels of trust.

The builder can inform you about availability, timeframes and costs involved for a project. You should also factor in shipping costs and potential customs fees or import taxes. Remember that the time invested for building deserves compensation!

Payment modalities must be negotiated before any work starts. It is typical for the purchasing party to pay the full sum (parts & work) upfront, including any shipping of parts to the builder.

The builder might request that you purchase the parts from our webshop and have us ship directly to them.

The builder might suggest a quid pro quo arrangement e.g. buying one or more sets of parts in lieu of payment for labor costs.

We recommend to exchange the postal address data of builder and the purchasing party before a deal is made.

A timeframe for the work should be negotiated upfront and the builder should agree to photograph "milestones" of the progress.

The builder must provide email support and a warranty for technical/hardware issues for at least one year after the completed unit is delivered to the purchasing party.

Products sent via parcel service should be fully insured against loss and tracked to ensure successful delivery

A contract is formed between the builder and purchaser; midiphy is not legally involved in the transaction except for sending parts or other materials to the builder.

Enjoy your midiphy unit!
Trusted Builders Directory
Want to get listed?

Would you like to offer your services? If you have completed at least one successful build and agree to the conditions listed above, feel free to contact us for consideration:
Suggested Trusted Builder Sales Prices
Suggested Prices

We want the "trusted builder" concept to be transparent and the following prices are indicative:

Caseless LoopA: ~590-640€ (incl. VAT where applicable, excl. shipping and import fees)
Pro Metal Case LoopA: ~700-750€ (incl. VAT where applicable, excl. shipping and import fees)

Consider that these are individual instruments made by skilled hands. The listed prices are only a suggestion and the quoted price might differ. You should expect a fully functional unit built with quality components and one year of support at a minimum.

We may add further products to this suggested price list in the future. Note that your contract partner is the trusted builder (not midiphy) and the total cost is agreed by you and the builder.
Michael Menze (menzman)
DIY-nerd since many years, along with Eurorack modules I build everything necessary for making music!

Mutable Instruments (Clouds, Elements, Braids, uBraids, Grids, Shruthi XT etc.), Syncussion, Krautrockphaser, MIDIbox SEQ V3, midiphy SEQ v4+, midiphy LoopA, midphy MIDI THRU, Westlicht Performer and so on.

I am also available for live workshops or remote training sessions (e.g. via Skype) for the midiphy SEQ v4+ or the midiphy LoopA.

Please contact me with your project, budget and timeframe in mind, and I will contact you regarding the build.

Location: Germany
Built midiphy projects:
SEQ v4+
Eurorack modules
Ask Michael for a custom midiphy build
George Welsh (slo)
A synth fan for many years, I found the perfect marriage in my hobbies, electronics and music, and then I discovered building my own gear. I have built frac & euro modules, pedals, sequencers and many other devices for myself and friends for many years and love the the process of bringing it all together and realizing a successful build.

I would be happy to assist you in your quest for premium MIDIbox products. Please do contact me with your plans.

Location: BC, Canada
Built midiphy projects:
SEQ v4+
Eurorack modules
Ask George for a custom midiphy build
Michael Sigl (phatline)
I'm a free artist and electronic-device destructor ever since I was a small child. I try to DIY everywhere and everything in life!

I've built DIY projects since 2005 including custom MIDIbox gear and I've hacked and programmed a lot of tools and devices based on MIDIbox hardware (e.g. SID, triggermatrix, scale explorer, cc-msq-bcr, cc-msq-lre and more).

I am very flexible - - so contact me if you need anything built.

I'm not out for profit; anything I earn is reinvested into new devices or coding to enable a future of better music :-). Also accepting quid pro quo trades of parts in return for my labor.

Location: Austria
Built Projects: midiphy LoopA, MatriX, SEQ v4+, MIDIbox MB-6582, BLM16x16+X, MIDIbox V4L, MIDIbox V4 (Wilba version in Mongboxcase)
Ask Michael for a custom midiphy build