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New Firmware v.206 with many improvements available now!
New key features:

Now supporting 256, 512 and 1024 step-equivalent clip lengths (previous limit was 128) - you can now create clips with loop lengths of minutes :).

Improved display responsiveness/refresh rate, if the LoopA core is not under load

Improved initial BPM/timing stability, just after a sequence was started (thanks Michael!)

Added customizable footswitch functions: choose any two of eleven new footswitch actions!

The new "Cursor Erase" footswitch action overwrites clip notes under the time cursor, this allows for live re-recording of new notes while the sequencer is running.

The new "Jump To Precount" footswitch action allows jumping to a count-in point of a sequence, simplifying re-recording of a clip.

New option "Track Switch": when enabled, "long-pressing" a mute key directly switches to that track. (thanks Eugene!)

New Option "Tempo Up/Down": Configurable BPM delta speed (faster/slower buttons), perform linear BPM fades in five preconfigured speeds

New Option "Follow Track": automatic track following when muting/unmuting, can be set to "disabled"/"when unmuting"/"when muting or unmuting" (thanks Eugene!)

New Option "LED Notes": visualizes played notes via temporarily red illuminated track buttons in the MUTE screen - when the sequencer is running, this indicates which track is actively playing notes.

Enjoy! :)

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