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Eurorack Modules Essential Kit now available!
10.08.2019 The MIDIbox SEQ v4+ Eurorack integration kit is now available. It contains the essential parts for five Eurorack modules and offers a total of 8 CV/Gate, 8 clock outputs and 8 trigger outputs. Bring CV capability to your your v4+ sequencer! Enjoy! :)

Buy SEQ v4+ Eurorack Modules Essential Kit

New midiphy modules enhance your MIDIbox SEQ v4+ with CV capability.

We're happy to release a set of five modules. Easy "essentials" kits for DIY are available, including PCBs, high-quality anodized panels from Hallik Engineering and a set of less common parts. A single order from Mouser using our simple copy&paste system with their BOM import should cover everything else.

Euroceiver carries the connections from the SEQ through a DB-25 cable. Choose from a variety of options for +5V power including an on-board regulator, the Eurorack bus or USB (power only). The PCB could mount anywhere in the case, meaning it is not necessary to have the DB-25 on the front panel.

Expander A1: The CV module. Eight channels of 12-bit bipolar control voltage (+/-5V). Keep track of the sign and magnitude of the voltage with LEDs, colored red for negative voltage and green for positive. Choose V/oct (linear) or Hz/V (exponential) curves.

Expander D1/D2/D3: The gate module (and more). These expanders output eight "digital" on/off voltages each with LED indication. The logic chip is protected from short circuits and over- and under-voltage with an op amp buffer. A series of modules can be connected in a chain. The electronics are the same but the front panels differ and identify the types of outputs:

D1 is for eight gate signals, typically used in combination with a CV note. The gate polarity is selectable in software.

D2 is for eight freely assignable clock signals with selectable pulse duration. Alternatively one clock can send a start/stop signal.

D3 is for eight triggers. A total of 64 triggers (8 Expander D3 modules) are supported in software.

Enjoy! :-)
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