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Eurorack module preview
A preview of the new midiphy eurorack expansion modules (still with handmade paper panels for fit testing).
The final aluminum panels (with updated frontpanel graphics) will be supplied by Hallik Engineering and we can't wait to have them in hands! :)
Also tested: CV output software calibration within the v4+ sequencer: it allows to software-compensate for not perfectly linear DAC outputs across multiple voltage ranges with an interpolated 10-step software trimming process, so the CV output range of -5v to +5v is really very accurate.
The new A1 CV Expander module has eight high precision CV outs and is usually accompanied by one or more digital output expanders (D1-D3) for digital gates, triggers and clocks.
The left-hand "Euroceiver" module interfaces to your SEQ v4+, carries an onboard 5V regulator and drives one or multiple expander modules (two are shown in the picture).
These DIY modules should be available for purchase in the midiphy shop in the next one or two months. Enjoy! :)